"Blood Pressure?" Inc. Serving the needs of the people of Hawaii
for over 29 years.  
  • Proven accuracy that complies with the AAMI (Association
    for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) standards.  

  • Stand alone health kiosks for Pharmacies, Work sites, Health
    Clubs, Hotels, Clinics, Senior Centers, Retirement Homes and
    anywhere people gather..
"Increased Chronic Health Problems In Hawaii"
The increase of chronic health problems in Hawaii and the nation has
driven a need for enhanced technology that not only measures and
monitors a greater number of biometrics, but also provides meaningful
DATA  to help individuals and third party providers evaluate the success
of their healthcare programs.
"Blood Pressure Tests, Body Fat Tests, Weight, Body
Mass, and Blood Oxygen all in one Health Kiosk."
This technology is now available with the new Lifeclinic LC500 Health
Station.  In addition to our unique, self-measuring technology, our new
Web-enabled Health Station provides healthcare professionals with
data tracking and management tools for enhanced program
effectiveness.   We can show you how to Measure, Track and Manage
your way to improved healthcare and a positive ROI.
Our  LC 500 Measures, Tracks, and Manages your employees biometrics
Small convenient foot print
Placed in an accessible secured area we can screen all shifts 24/7
Affordable Data collecting service right from your desk
All service provided by factory trained technicians
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"Blood Pressure?"
"Blood Pressure?"
Serving the State of Hawaii since 1977