The Lifeclinic LC 500
Health Station Kiosk
Internet Ready: easy integration into
any network for real-time collection and
management of data, or connect the  LC
500 to
Lifeclinic. com  for robust data
management capabilities
Body Fat: body composition measured
accurately using non-invasive
bioimpedance method
Oximeter: provides real-tiem evaluation
of blood oxygen levels
Bar Code Reader: provides
convenient loyalty card identification as
well as product information
Mag Stripe Reader: supports mag
stripe-based identification cards as well as
credit card transactions
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Peripheral Input Ports: IR, USB and
Bluetooth for interfacing with personal
health devices
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Fully Automated Upper Arm Pressure Cuff
  • Oscillometric Methodology
  • Proven Accuracy Meets AAMI Standards
  • Electronic Scale
  • Glucose Meter Data Port
  • LCD Display of Readings
  • Blood Pressure Guidlelines Display
  • Four Information Display Panels
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"Blood Pressure?"
Serving the State of Hawaii since 1977